Unraveling The Mystery of Boomer Sociopathy

Observers of generational conflict say it is natural for those in younger generations to disparage older ones (and vice-versa), while most social scientists dismiss the idea of distinct “generations” altogether. Nevertheless, many Americans on the younger side are unable to shake the impression there exists a lack of moral integrity among “Baby Boomers” and have struggled to understand WHY.

Burritogate All Comes Down to Corn

[This piece first appeared on LetsRun.com on July 3, 2021.] After studying the research and methods used to identify exogenous nandrolone use in athletes, I believe the Houlihan case ultimately revolves around the question of corn consumption. The best research study I have read on this topic brings several strands together but also raises questions… Continue reading Burritogate All Comes Down to Corn

The Railroading of Shelby Houlihan

[This post, with ensuing discussion, first appeared June 21, 2021 on LetsRun.com.] There seems to be a great deal of confusion and deliberate misinformation about certain aspects of the Houlihan case, which are worth clarifying. Many commentators seem uncomfortable with the uncertainty that surrounds her case and, in their zeal to combat doping, have engaged… Continue reading The Railroading of Shelby Houlihan