Open Letter to Princeton Public Schools

[Update 5/28/2023: As reported on Planet Princeton, PPS has released PREA’s Jan. 3rd, 2023 letter to Superintendent Kelley, the Board, and Ms. Gold.] Dear Board of Education, Superintendent, and Members of Princeton Regional Education Association (PREA), As an engaged parent within the Princeton Public Schools community, I have refrained from commenting on the recent dismissal… Continue reading Open Letter to Princeton Public Schools

Masks in Review

The latest edition of the Cochrane Review meta study on masking and other interventions is, sadly, little more than a rehash of old studies that tells us nothing new about the efficacy of masks. The first version was published in 2006, the fifth version completed in January 2020 (but was held up until Nov. 2020),… Continue reading Masks in Review

What can sport do to clean itself up?

There needs to be a complete paradigm shift in how doping is regulated, in which punishment and shaming of athletes is eliminated and a grand bargain is instead implemented.

Unraveling The Mystery of Boomer Sociopathy

Observers of generational conflict say it is natural for those in younger generations to disparage older ones (and vice-versa), while most social scientists dismiss the idea of distinct “generations” altogether. Nevertheless, many Americans on the younger side are unable to shake the impression there exists a lack of moral integrity among “Baby Boomers” and have struggled to understand WHY.